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Agenda and Instructors Bio


2 to 2 ½  hours

                9 AM  Introduction

  • What is it? What is the purpose?
  • SCA application to government contract(s) for services
    • Five (5) elements in contract which invokes SCA
    • Geographical limits
    • DOL’s exclusive enforcement jurisdiction
    • Sanctions & Remedies
    • Required CFR and/or FAR clause
    • Wage Determination (WD) requirement
    • FLSA and covered employees

Wage Determinations (WDs)

  • How to know if have the correct WD
  • Wages
  • Health & Welfare Fringe benefits—general requirements
    • Bona fide fringe benefits v. “cash in lieu of”
      • Benefits that  satisfy H&W fringe requirements
      • Benefits that do not satisfy H&W fringe requirement
      • Payment methods for fringe benefit
    • Two types of fringe benefits
      • Averaging Method (Odd-numbered WDs)
      • Individual Method (Even-numbered WDs)
  • Vacation
    • Anniversary Date
    • Incumbent contractor’s list/Successor contractor rule
    • New Executive Order 13495
  • Holiday
  • Part-time & Temporary service contract employees
    • Health & Welfare
    • Vacation
    • Holiday


2 to 2 ½  hours

We will take an hour for lunch and cover the same areas but focus on the Davis Bacon Act.

Q & A

3 pm Adjourn

Instructors Resume:

Angela Hendrix, JD, President of The Onsi Group, spent her first eight years as an attorney in private practice as a litigator, conducting jury trials in both federal and state court for her law firm’s corporate and insurance clients.  Her first in-house counsel position was at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Oklahoma where she managed all litigation filed against BCBSOK and each of its subsidiaries.  Her duties also included providing legal support to BCBSOK’s third party administration system(s) for its large employers’ self-insured benefit plans.

Ms. Hendrix, a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, began her tenure in the federal government contracting sector as General Counsel for Choctaw Management Services Enterprise (CMSE), a SBA 8(a), native-American enterprise wholly-owned by the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.   After successfully guiding CMSE through multiple U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) investigations and a California Labor Commission investigation relating to benefit issues arising under DOL’s prevailing wage requirements, Ms. Hendrix then served as General Counsel for TerraHealth, Inc. (THI), a SBA 8(a) company, successfully guiding that company through a DOL prevailing wage compliance audit and prevailing wage price adjustments for all its SCA contracts.

Using the lessons learned from representing clients regarding issues relating to SBA 8(a) companies and tribally-owned enterprises (including minority sub-contracting goals compliance for large companies), and issues arising under the SCA & DBA, Ms. Hendrix developed seminars on these topics.   Those training seminars resulted in client requests for auditing, consulting, and trust & administration services relating to the management of the health & welfare dollars set forth in the prevailing wage requirements of the SCA and DBA.  Today Onsi Group offers its clients a turn-key solution for prevailing wage compliance.  Those services include:

Compliance Training (Intro, Basic & Advanced courses from a practitioner’s prospective)

  • Auditing (Fringe benefits, pricing, & FLSA compliance, etc.)
  • Consulting (Price adjustments, Conformance process, Vested Vacation tracking system, etc.)

Trust and Administration for:

  • SCA & DBA Hour Bank Plan(s)
  • Health & Welfare Fringe Benefit Plan (s)
  • Sick Leave Bank Plan(s)

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