MAGIC is building alliances across all federal contracting and with those organizations that support federal contracting. 

MAGIC a non-profit 501 (c) 6 organization with the expressed purpose of advocating, educating, and collaborating across all the many components of federal contracting for all our Mid America companies. MAGIC is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in the heartland of America. We currently represent Oklahoma companies and companies  from Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and the surrounding states. Our member companies  are creating jobs and building our communities and our nation.

The steering committee believed that this Mid America region suffers from a lack of attention and an underdeveloped infrastructure to maximize our participation in federal opportunities. We have for many years had to travel to either the east or west coast for training.  We have only a limited number of law firms or accounting firms that really understand the intricate nature of federal contracting. MAGIC members are jointly building their capacities by providing training and expertise across the member companies.

In addition, we know decisions are made in Washington, DC that impacts all our businesses. As a region, we want a voice in those decisions.  The current legislative agenda is often driven by people and organizations that do not know us or understand federal contracting. Many members of the public believe federal contractors are all looking for an easy contract based on their reading of a newspaper or two. We don’t have a bad image, we have no image at all.  If you are not on the east coast you really don’t exist.

 MAGIC members are raising our legislative issues to a  higher level by collaborating together. Watch us grow!

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